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Farmhouse Fragrance Sticks by Sweet Grass Farm

Farmhouse Fragrance Sticks
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farmhouse scents:
Like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers--your eye is drawn to this ensemble. A clear glass jar (about 6" high) holds 8 oz of fragrance oil. The absorbent sticks draw the oils up and what happens? When the oils hit the air, they are gently evaporated into the surrounding room, creating a fresh, clean scent.

The effect is similar to a candle, without any flame. This flameless scent makes it convenient for people who want the aromatherapy of a candle all the time without having to wait or be mindful of the flame.

The Farmhouse Fragrance Sticks, by Sweet Grass Farm combine pure, intense oils that have staying power. They are not diluted with water or harsh solvents, so there is long lasting performance. Every couple of days, if the sticks get a little dry, you can simply turn them upside down and a fresh wave of fragrance will waft on by. 8oz

Available in Fresh White Lilac, Lemon Verbena or Lavender

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