Rose Quartz Facial Roller

The Rose Quartz Facial Roller delivers some serious self-love. This gentle facial massager offers relaxing care that will leave you and your skin feeling radiant.  

The Rose Quartz Facial Roller is one tool that helps you slow down and really nurture yourself. Rose Quartz roller promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation, while releasing tension and reducing puffiness and fine lines.

The Rose Quartz gemstone is tied to gentleness and love. It is used to open up the heart chakras to unconditional love and positive energy, making it one of the most important gemstones for healing. Like we said, it’s time for some serious self-love. Includes travel pouch.

Includes one roller. Click here for Vitamin C Serum sold separately.

*For a cool, soothing treatment, keep in the refrigerator wrapped in a clean towel beforehand.

 DIRECTIONS: gently roll 3 times or more at each section for best results morning and night.

Wash Face before use.

Apply a few drops of Vitamin C Facial Serum to your face

EYES: With small end of roller, start at the inner corner of under eye and gently roll to outer corner.

CHEEKS and JAWLINE: roll outward from middle of face to ear and hairline

FOREHEAD: Roll up from ridge above eyes to hairline, 3 times each section, until the outer edge of forehead.

NECK: to tighten neck, start at the base of the neck and gently roll upward to the jawline.  For lymphatic drainage, lightly roll from the base of the jawline downward to the clavicle.   

 Wash roller after each use and completely dry.


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