Sun Tea Southern Style

Tea. Water. Pitcher. Sun.  Take advantage of Mother Earth's more natural method of brewing tea - slowly and gently warmed by the rays of the sun.  Southern Style teabags 1oz each - single-estate ceylon black tea, broken orange pekoe grade. Contents: 3 teabags, brews 3 gallons.  

Batch Notes: Bold and fruity black tea, naturally sweet.  While tea is hot, stir in a little cane sugar to complement rich and dark black tea flavors.  Serve over ice.

Making Sun Tea

1. Fill a Large Pitcher with 1 Gallon of Spring Water.
2. Add Teabag; position the Pitcher to receive Sunlight.
3. Steep Tea in the Sun (min. of 3 hours, max. of 5 hours).
4. Remove Teabag. While hot, stir in up to 2/3 cup Sugar.
5. Pour immediately over ice.

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