Genuine Marseille Soap Flakes

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Our Genuine Marseille Soap Flakes represent a new old-fashioned way of to make multi-use cleaners for your farmhouse. Economical and eco-friendly, these soap flakes help cut down the cost of everyday chores and packaging waste. Not to mention, they look gorgeous in a glass jar, adding a vintage touch to any laundry room. These flakes are great for washing linens and other delicates, using as a multi-purpose cleaner (ideal with our Mason Jar Sprayer Lid) or creating a gentle foaming hand soap.

The soap is ideal for sensitive skin. 100% natural, this soap is exclusively plant-based. It does not contain any preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat. Genuine Marseille Soap Flakes are packaged in a beautiful jute pouch. 1.65lb (glass jar not included)

To prepare laundry detergent: mix 1/3 cup of soap flakes with 4 cups of very hot water, stir well until it jellies. Store the laundry liquid in an appropriate bottle and shake well before use.

Washing machine: use 5 tablespoons of ready-made laundry liquid for 11lbs of laundry, or 6 tablespoons for very dirty clothes.

To prepare an all-purpose cleaner: use 1 Tablespoon soap flakes with 4 cups water (distilled water is best). Dissolve the soap flakes in some boiling water first, then add remaining water and mix well. Store in a large spray bottle (see our Mason Jar Sprayer Lid), and use it to clean just about any surface in your home.

With time and according to their exposure to light and humidity, soap may be subject to variations in color and lose volume; nevertheless, it keeps its effectiveness.

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