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Summer Garden Seed Kit

Get growing with our Summer Garden Seed Kit. Each Seed Kit includes a 22-page grow guide for the rookie gardener. The Summer Garden Seed Kit includes one pack each of Watermelon, Sweet Corn, Cucumber, Green Beans, Squash, Zucchini and Okra. These seed kits will nourish you and others, too, because for every seed packet sold, this little seed company gives one packet  to feed those in need. Grow one. Give one.


Cucumber Seeds: Classic cuke. Heat tolerant and disease resistant. Huge producer.

Summer Squash Seeds: Summer squash standard. Yellow crookneck heirloom.

Watermelon Seeds: Grow huge melons with the sweetest deep red flesh.

Zucchini Seeds: Zupendous. Huge producer, easy to grow with edible flowers.

Sweet Corn Seeds: Sweet Carolina.  This super sweet corn variety may not make it inside.

Bush Bean Seeds: Easiest green beans to grow. No trellis required. Heirloom variety.

Okra Seeds: Okra home-a.  The most popular okra variety in backyard gardens.

Plus, learn how to grow your summer garden with 22 page Garden 1.0 Growing Guide - the essential illustrated guide for growing your first vegetable garden.  Seeds are non-GMO and grown in the USA.

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