Pine Balsam Sachets

$14.40 $16.95

As a child, my family would summer in Maine, and a trip to the gift shops always included picking out a fresh pine pillow. These were mini pillows packed with pine needles, infused with the scent of Maine woods. These Pine Balsam Sachets have the same allure. Packed with balsam fir pine needles, these sachets provide instant cozy. Pine has been used as a natural air freshener since the middle ages. Pine is an uplifting and clearing scent. Keep them in your car or hang one by your bed. They make a great stocking stuffer, too!

The Pine Balsam Sachet is all natural, non-toxic and family friendly, too! Please note this sachet is just for smelling. The muslin bag is printed with a decorative pine tree in green ink on the front. Each bag is run through a 1930's Chandler and Price letterpress, providing a sophisticated yet one-of-a-kind printing. This sachet is handheld in size (about 2 1/2” x 3 3/4") with pull ties and comes in a set of three.

Made in the USA