Rescue Kit with Hot Water Bottle and Sleep Mask

$21.50 $26.95

The Rescue Kit with Hot Water Bottle and Sleep Mask sets you up for a cozy, sound sleep. Snuggle up to this cozy Hot Water Bottle with Cable Knit Cover. Perfect for keeping you warm on chilly nights, this old-fashioned remedy is also used to ease muscle aches and pains, reduce stress, relieve cramps and more. Hot compressing is a natural therapy that can bring soothing relief, so cuddle up with this sweater-weather favorite. Includes natural rubber hot water bottle inside of cable knit sweater cover. Keeps warm for hours. Available in cream or pink. 8" x 13"H

The silky-soft sleep mask helps create the perfect relaxing environment for a more restful nighttime sleep, while also blocking out light for peaceful daytime naps. Made from a high-quality satin, creating a luxurious feel that is gentle on your skin. Satin covered elastic bad keeps your sleep mask perfectly in place. This soft eye mask blocks out unwanted light for easy relaxation any time of day.

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