Savon de Marseille

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These lavish cubes of French soap have been crafted since the 1600's in the South of France.

It takes two weeks to make Savon de Marseille Soap. The delicate mixture of olive and vegetable oils, alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean Sea salted water are heated for ten days in antique cauldrons. Once it hardens, the cubes are stamped and set out to dry in the sun.

Savon de Marseille is recommended by dermatologists throughout the world for dry skin and other ailments. Its incredible purity and moisturizing properties of this French soap make it ideal for sensitive skin. In France it has been trusted for generations to cleanse everything from linens to little faces.

Savon de Marseille is totally biodegradable, and its manufacture is environmentally friendly. Available in Olive Oil (light green) and Traditional (cream). 10.5 cube

Dish not included

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