Sisal and Linen Back Exfoliating Strap


Self care is an important part of adding balance to our lives. Add an eco-friendly element, and self care makes you feel even better when you know you're helping the earth along the way. This plant-based back exfoliating strap does so much more than exfoliate. It promotes healthy circulation and gentle exfoliation. The plant-based sisal and linen fibers offer the perfect texture to remove dead skin. Sweep away dead skin and awaken your senses. It makes a handy back scratch when no one else is around to help.  Simply hold the handles and gently glide across skin to naturally exfoliate and cleanse. The Sisal and Linen Exfoliating Back Strap is 100% compostable. Replace every 1-2 months depending on how often used. Allow to air dry between uses. 


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