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Sweet Grass Farm 50 Hour Soy Candle

If you're not familiar with soy wax, you should be. It is much healthier for you--typical paraffin candles release toxins and lots of that black soot that you find on your ceilings and walls. These burn cleaner, longer, and what's best--they are made from 100% USA grown soybeans. A renewable resource! The 8oz glass jars come with a lid to keep the scent in and the dust out.

Available in eight fragrances, softly colored,
100% cotton wicks, very affordable!
Choose your fragrance at the checkout:

Lemon Verbena--Sharp tones of lemon zest balanced with green, grounding foliage

Tangerine Bergamot--Ripe and juicy tangerine fragrance blended with bitter, sharp bergamot zest. A refreshing and light combination.

Pure Lavender~Highly fragranced with lavender essential oil

New England Woods~Piney and fresh, a walk in the woods

Baked Apples & Cream~Smells just like
a gooey, sweet apple from the oven

Green Tea~A nice, light citrusy tea fragrance

Coastal Bayberry~Spicy with clove and woodsy notes, a colonial favorite

Citris Blossom--Sharp tones of lemon zest balanced with green, grounding foliage

Fresh White Lilac~Fresh and clean--just like spring

Spiced Pumpkin~A warm, friendly smell, like fresh pumpkin pie in the oven

Customer feedback: "I recently purchased a bayberry soy candle from your delightful website. I am not a candle person, however, while looking at the scents of the soy candles - I could recall my days on cape cod watching bayberry candles being made. I was willing to take a chance and try your scent. Whoa !!!!!!!!!!!! My house smelled wonderful - no strong or artificial flavors. I am hooked!!!!"--Sandie

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