Knitted Wool Dish Drying Mat


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This Knitted Wool Dish Drying Mat is an all-natural alternative for your kitchen. It catches water drips as your dishes dry and keeps your dishes cushioned from your counter. Naturally antimicrobial, wool is capable of easily absorbing moisture and then evaporating it over time. Hand-knit and naturally dyed, these dish mats add a beautiful texture to your sustainable kitchen. The natural deep grey dye is created from mushrooms. The off white mat is natural. It includes a loop for hanging when not in use. At the end of its life cycle, the earth friendly fibers and dyes will decompose so it is one less thing to end up for a millennia in the landfill. Your wool dish mat is washable! To clean: Use mild detergent and gently spot wash. 100% Wool. 16" x 20"


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