Our Story

Farmhouse Wares Home Decor

My Dad always dreamed of owning a farm. Like most of us, he tabled that dream and went off to work every day at an office job. In his mid-life he bought a place in the country and started raising chickens, goats and a pig or two. I remember the day one of his goats won first prize at the county fair. He said, "I've been dreaming of this for 28 years," as he beamed proudly. He taught me to live a down-to-earth lifestyle filled with practical things that have lasting quality. My Mom had fancier tastes. She balanced his frugality with her flair, filling her house with beautiful things.

Now a parent myself, I am striving to surround my family with the values of living a simplified lifestyle. Like my Dad, I find beauty in things that are practical and useful in everyday life. Items that recall simpler times, with a slightly more nostalgic feel to them capture my heart.I'm especially drawn to farm living because it embraces the same values of sustainability and caring for the environment that I grew up with. When I talk about environmentally-friendly, I'm not just referring to our planet, I'm referring to the very environments we live in. I believe home is the place that keeps us centered and gratified. I also believe the simple pleasures in life provide much needed sustenance. Our products help you rediscover clean, simple, comfortable living. Our fresh, farmhouse style has an inviting vintage feel with plenty of practicality--perfect for any home. This is my dream come true. 

Happy Dreaming to You!